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Time for a New Commercial Roof?

Looking for a way to spruce up your company office appearance? Did you take over a building that might need a roof replacement? Either way, thinking about the exterior care and presentation of your commercial space, office, garage, or retail store plays a huge role not only in bringing more business through the door, but keeping your staff, products, and equipment safe from the elements.

At Trotter Roofing & Gutters, we specialize in custom roofing for residential areas and their homeowners, as well as commercial properties with the building or business owners. There are a few different types of commercial roofing, and if you aren't entirely sure what the answer for your space would be, here's what to look for when searching for commercial roofing repairs or replacements.

Things to Look For

When it comes to your business you want to hire effective and reliable employees, use efficient equipment, and all without breaking the bank. Well, when it comes to your commercial roof, circumstances are no different. When replacing your commercial roof, you want a roof that is durable, one that stands up to the elements to keep your space safe, and you also want to think about the roof's efficiency.

Just like your roof at home, it plays a major role in keeping your house's temperature regulated, and if you're letting hot air leak out in the winter and cool air leak out in the summer, then your heating and air system is going to be working overtime trying to keep your space comfortable. When your system is working harder than it should, it means your energy bills are going to be more expensive than they could be, making your business's investment in a new, energy efficient roof a good one.

Roof Types

When you think of a residential roof, most people might think of what they see the most: slanted roofing with asphalt shingles. Well, when it comes to commercial roofing, what is the standard?

Commercial roofing can be a bit more diversified than residential, some of the most common materials you'll find on a business or office space range from metal roofing with galvanized steel to roofing membrane made from tar, gravel, and even PCV.

Metal Roofing

Metal roofing is most popular due to its incredibly long lifespan, sometimes lasting up to 40 to 60 years. It is typically crafted from galvanized steel, aluminum, tin, and/or zinc. Since it is susceptible to corrosion, metal roofs are typically given a protective coating to last for years.

Roofing Membrane 

Different types of roofing membranes can adhere to different levels of efficiency, dependability, and even foot traffic. A PVC roofing membrane is known for its durability to foot traffic and ability to reflect heat, while TPO and EPDM membranes are known for their shorter lifespan and ease of installation.

Still Not Sure? 

Choosing something as big as a new roof for your business is no small task, if you aren't sure what type of commercial roof is best for your space, contact Trotter Roofing & Gutters today to learn more.

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