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5 Must-Do Home Improvement Projects

As most homeowners know, owning a home is never a completed task. There are always areas where you can either put time and effort into your fixer-upper, or finally tackle that long-desired remodel project.

Most people might think that fall home improvement is limited to raking some leaves and getting a chance to cut the grass just one last time before the year ends, but it is actually a great time to take initiative around the house! With moderate temperatures coming and the harsh sun giving all of us a break, there are some amazing projects out there that Trotter Roofing & Gutters can help you with before it gets too cold!

1. Under Deck Systems 

Do you love using your deck or patio? How about an area underneath your deck by your backyard or pool? One of the best ways to enhance these areas of your home is by having an under-deck system installed. Under-deck systems are a great way to utilize these areas of your home without having to worry about the weather "raining" on your parade. Fall is a great time to have your under-deck system installed, so you're prepared for backyard tailgates and late-summer barbeques! 

 2. Replace Single-Pane Windows

Got single pane windows? Well, you are missing out on lower heating and air costs, and fall is the best time to think about replacing as we approach colder weather. Not only can upgrading your windows help keep your house warmer in the winter, but if you felt your AC unit working harder to keep cool this past summer, then you have already begun seeing the effects single pane windows can have on your wallet.

3. New Paint Job 

Did you know that fall is the best time of year to get a new paint job? That's right, by painting your home's interior or exterior in the moderate fall temperatures, the paint is less susceptible to improper drying and curing caused by excessive moisture brought on by humidity. After September, Georgia enters its period of least humidity, and you don't have to worry about freezing temperatures in the fall either, making this time of year perfect for that shiny new coat.

4. Fix Broken Siding 

If your home's siding is suffering from damage like cracking or warping, then the time is now to make those necessary repairs. Fall is a great time of year to finally get your home's siding in order, not only to keep the coming winter air out, but because the temperature outside makes replacement much easier. Since heat can cause damage to siding, replacing a bad board, or the entire wall, is best done in the cooler months before winter approaches.

5. Driveway Pressure Wash 

Keeping your home's driveway and walkways clean can not only give your property beautiful curb appeal, but did you know that built up dirt and organic matter can become dangerous to walk on once freezing temperatures arrive? Power washing in the fall removes things like moss, algae, and other organic matter from your driveway to ensure that if frozen, your driveway will have more traction than if it were still covered in dirt.

If you're interested in getting these home improvement projects done, or want to know about our other services, contact Trotter Roofing & Gutters today!

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