Warning Signs of a Bad Roof That Needs Repair!

Your roof will show signs of aging if you know where to look. It will also tell you in small (or large) ways that there is a leak, but you have to know where to look. There are a lot of reasons why roofs may leak. Here are a few warning signs that you can look for, if you suspect a roof leak:

Small roof leaks cause rotten wood, ceiling stains, and mold and mildew, just like large roof leaks can. The problem is…small roof leaks can go undetected for a long time!

If you suspect a roof leak, call Trotter Roofing, and get it inspected by an experienced, roofing professional. Here are some common Roof Leak Warning Signs:

1. Buckling or Curling Shingles: This can be caused by improperly applied roof felt, old shingles, or movement of the roof deck. When a shingle curls and warps, it may also be caused by water absorption.

2. Damaged Flashing: This is most likely caused by improper installation of a new roof. If the roof is not new, it may be happening because of drying and cracking from an older roof. Sometimes, it can be repaired without replacing the entire roof.


3. Algae growth or Mold: This will occur most often in warm, humid climates (such as Metro Atlanta areas or North Georgia) It is caused by a growth of airborne fungi or algae deposited on roof. It continues to grow until you stop it at the source. It can also get inside the home if left unattended.

4. Wet Ceiling or Roof Spots: When water gets through and shows on the ceiling, this is one of the biggest signs of a leaky roof. Leaks may appear around chimneys and vents. Leaks may even ‘travel’ down rafters and end up in other spots. This requires a thorough inspection of the roof, ceiling and maybe even the attic.

5. Shingle Granules Build-Up: When the granules on the shingles start to fall off of older shingles, this indicates an aging roof and it needs to be replaced.

6. Missing Shingles: This is usually caused by rain storms and high winds. It can also be related to loose fastening of the shingles. Sometimes we can save the roof by adding new shingles or doing minor repairs.

7. Rotting wood on the Roof or Roof Edges: This happens because of water absorption and water damage. With this problem, we have to replace the rotten wood and the shingle on top of the wood.

If you see a roof leak, call Trotter Roofing right away!

At Trotter Roofing, we understand that some damages are unavoidable. When these damages occur, they can leave your home in despair and can possibly cause additional damages within. Our specialists are highly trained in Atlanta roof repairs to ensure your roof receives the attention needed when damages occur.

We can work with your insurance company! We help many insurance companies determine damages regarding: roof, siding, gutters and other areas of the home. Call us today to discuss your repair at 404-610-9100.

Roof Leaks

Roof leaks can happen for a variety of reasons and are a result of exterior damage. Depending on the severity of the leak damage, replacing the roof area surrounding the damage may be a necessity. Our specialists are trained in working with leak damages and will provide an analysis to find where the leak is coming from. In addition to finding the initial leak target area, our specialists are trained in searching the surrounding areas to see if walls or windows could have contributed to the damage. After locating the target area, we can then determine the necessary steps needed to start the repair process.

When a leak occurs, our specialists at Trotter Roofing understand that attention is needed immediately to prevent interior damage from occurring. In the event a leak occurs, contact us immediately for repair.

Hail Damage

Hail is another damage that is uncontrollable and can cause leaks to occur if not properly taken care of. Most hail damage does not cause immediate leaking; so do not panic if your home happens to get caught in the middle of a hailstorm. Always call your roof repair Atlanta team at Trotter Roofing if you suspect possible hail damage at any time so we can apply attention where needed to prevent future damages. Our specialized team is highly trained in conducting thorough roof inspections and completing an analysis so that you are always informed.


Wind Damage

There are times when strong winds can cause damage to our roofs during storms or even worse, during tornado seasons. Winds do not move in the same direction, especially with tornados, and this can cause tugging and shifting of your roof panels depending on the strength of the wind. While this can happen at any time due to Mother Nature, being prepared is key to preventing serious damage from occurring. Contact our damage team at Trotter Roofing today for additional advice on your roof protection plan. We fix storm damage to roofs and gutters! We work with your insurance company.

Avoid Roofing Disasters

At Trotter Roofing, we understand that some disasters are uncontrollable. We also understand that with proper installation and quality materials, your roof should be resistant to most forms of mild to moderate possible damages. With that being said, have annual roof inspections done by your professional Atlanta roofer to ensure that your roof has survived the colder seasons and is prepared for the beautiful spring.

Our Guarantee To You and Your Home

At Trotter Roofing, our 10 year- NO LEAK- warranty is offered to ensure the safety of your home and the durability of your new roof. We are confident our services, products, and experience will give you the dream roof you have always wanted for many years to come. Contact us today for additional information.

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