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3 Hardscape Projects to Tackle this Winter

As we begin to have colder weather here in Georgia, your lawn and garden will enter their dormant period, which gives homeowners a great opportunity to take care of one of the oft-forgotten parts of proper landscaping – hardscape projects. Your landscape is never 100% green space, and a good balance of softscape and hardscape features is key to having your neighborhood's most coveted lawn.

While softscape typically refers to projects involving your greenery, hardscape projects tackle all sorts of things that help you achieve the perfect outdoor space.

Driveways & Walkways

One of the best ways to not only increase the visual appeal of your property, but to also ensure accessibility, is by improving or installing driveways and walkways to better suit your needs. One of the first things you may see when looking at your home is the driveway, and if you have parts that are cracking away, then this hardscape project will be the one for you to help increase curb appeal.

Your home's walkways are just as important. If you don't have a proper path around the side of your home, or from an entry way to the car or fence, then your foot traffic may slowly be deteriorating your lawn's root system. The best part of installing a walkway is the variety of materials you can use to help match your home's style, everything from concrete, gravel and flat or mosaic stonework is on the table!

Retaining Walls

One of the most impactful hardscape projects that can be done for your property is assessing your need for a retaining wall. Retaining walls don't even have to be large, ten-foot-tall walls, they can be as small as a couple feet tall if possible. These are walls that work to retain soil and divide the landscape into two different levels. They can be especially helpful for backyards or side yards with a wide range of topographical levels. Retaining walls can be made from just about anything, from bricks, concrete, and wood to help match your home's style.

Wooden Additions

Not all hardscape projects have to be made from concrete, and deck expansions are a great way to build upon an already great feature of your home. If you have a deck that could use another deck system underneath, or to continue to wrap around your home, that is a great starting point to this wooden hardscape addition.

Other wooden additions to spruce up the accessibility and appeal of your backyard might be a gazebo, pool deck, or even a seating arrangement around a fire pit. Visit our website to learn more about our deck additions and other home improvement services.

Contact Trotter Roofing & Remodeling

At Trotter Roofing, we know more than just roofs. We handle all sorts of home improvement projects, and deck additions and hardscape projects are just the start. If you are looking to liven up your landscaping with a new hardscape installation, contact us today for a free estimate.

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