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4 Common Garage Door Problems

The average garage door opens and closes somewhere around 1,500 times a year, and if you have two sets that means you home's garage doors are opening and closing upwards of 3,000 times a year combined. All of this use can pile up on the wear and tear of the mechanism, and sometimes when things go wrong you might not always know what it is that's causing the problem.

Repair Services

Your garage door is an extremely useful component of your home, and if you've got a broken garage door that won't open or close, you don't want to be stuck with leaving your car outdoors this winter, waiting for things to heat up. If any of these problems sound familiar to you, contact Trotter Roofing & Gutters today to get a free estimate.

Unfamiliar Noises

The last thing you want to hear when opening or closing your garage door is something that doesn't sound quite right. If you can hear a high-pitched squeaking or squealing noise while the door is moving, this could be a sign that your rollers are either in need of replacement, or just need lubrication.

If you are hearing a grinding or rattling sound while the door is moving this most likely can indicate that some piece, or pieces, of the garage door's hardware has become loose. It is either loose enough to get in the way of the motor, or it is rattling around while the part itself is moving.

Keypad Issues

One of the key features of having a garage door is the ability to enter your home by keypad if you are without a front door key. This can become incredibly irritating if you have a keypad that refuses to cooperate with you. No matter how you press the buttons, or which order you decide to press the "enter" button, it just seems like it won't work like it used to.

Oftentimes, this is a problem that can easily be solved by replacing the batteries in the keypad and trying again. If that fails, you may need to reprogram the device, reprograming instructions can typically be found in the owner's manual, or online if you know the model name.

Faulty Belt 

If you are able to hear that the motor itself is working after attempting to open or close the garage door, this may be a sign that the belt that attaches to the door has either broken, or simply fallen off. This is typically one of the most common errors that arises if someone, or your car, accidentally pulls the emergency release cord that hangs from the motor. 

Won't Open or Close 

If none of these problems listed above seem to fit the one you're having, and your door still won't open or close, then you will need to begin troubleshooting. Check the remote batteries, power supply, and ensure that nothing is obstructing the sensor at the base of the door.

When in doubt, you can always contact a professional. Trotter Roofing & Gutters is trained and experienced in garage door repair, contact us today to schedule your visit. 

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