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Signs It’s Time for a Gutter Replacement

It's no secret that at Trotter Roofing and Gutters we encourage regular and proper maintenance on your gutters. Maintaining your gutters will increase their longevity and efficiency, but just like most things in your home, there comes a time that they may need a full replacement. Whether you're a new homeowner, or you've been around the block (pun intended), there are certainly things to look out for when deciding when to get your gutters replaced.  

Luckily, gutter systems can have impressive lifespans. Steel and aluminum gutters can last up to 20 years, and copper gutter systems can last even longer, at around 50 years! However, these life span estimates don't always account for things like poor maintenance, defective installation, or outside damage from storms, debris, and ladders.  

Holes, Cracks, and Spots

A few small holes here and there are nothing to be overly concerned about. Usually, these can be fixed with a little TLC and sealant. But, if you notice that you are constantly calling for hole repairs, or there are multiple small cracks and holes in one section, it could be a sign that your gutters are on their way out. Small cracks can also grow bigger over time from fluctuating temperatures, which can lead to more expensive problems. It's best to get ahead of the replacement rather than draw it out.


The gutter is not made up of only one piece of concave metal. There are multiple parts that are connected to create one continuous channel, AKA the "gutter system." When the channel is not connected properly, it cannot effectively protect your home from water. Once you start seeing sections of separation, it could be time for a full replacement.  

Water Pools or Mildew on Home's Foundation

Gutter systems are designed to push water away from your home. Water and mildew can eat away at materials like wood and concrete. So, if you start to notice spots around your home's foundation that are indicative of water damage, it's probably a sign that your gutters are not working as intended. Sometimes, this is a simple fix, or it could mean it's time to get your gutters replaced. Either way, fixing or replacing a gutter system is much cheaper than replacing a house's entire foundation.  

Sagging Gutters 

Do your gutters look lopsided? Is water spilling out over the side during or after heavy rain? Lopsided gutters could be caused from a few different things. The gutter system may be full of water and the weight is pulling the gutters away from the house, or the fascia is rotting from water damage and the gutters are no longer securely fastened. Either way, this is characteristic of a gutter with an imminent replacement.

Repeated Fixes to Gutter Parts  

If fixing parts of your gutter is a staple in your regular routine, there is likely a problem with the gutter system. Replacing nails or screws that have fallen on the ground or fixing broken fasteners over and over again is not only wasting precious time and money but could eventually turn into a larger issue if the root cause is not addressed.  

If you are concerned about the health of your gutter system, it may be time for a full replacement. Many times, this is of no fault from the owner, but rather a natural part of the gutter system lifespan. Save yourself from even costlier repairs later on! Contact us today to be provided with a FREE quote on your gutter replacement!  

Trotter Roofing and Gutters is a full-service roof repair, roof replacement, gutters, and home improvement company located in Woodstock, Georgia. We service areas all over the Metro-Atlanta and North Georgia. Read more about us!  

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