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Spring Roof Preparation Checklist

The winter weather is slowly fading into memory as the warmth and sunlight starts to set in. The days are longer, the sun is brighter, and we're noticing the iconic markings of the season start to bloom. Before tackling the sun and rain that comes this time of year, it's in all homeowner's best interest to take stock of the condition of their roof.

Remember, your roof and gutters just went through months of frigid temperatures, ice, sleet, and some intense storms across parts of North Georgia. Any leftover damage could mean trouble for your roof down the road. The warmer weather gives us a little bit more leeway in checking for some of the things you may have missed, and of course, gives you time to prep your roof for Spring. Trotter Roofing and Gutters has created a checklist, so you know exactly what prep work needs to be done to brace your roof for Spring.

Check For and Remove Debris

It's a typical occurrence in the winter- cold temperatures and strong winds cause debris to fall and collect on the top of your roof. While small tree limbs and pine needles are typically pretty harmless, too much of them can prohibit your roof and gutter system from functioning properly. Since Spring brings more rain, you'll want to make sure that the rain has somewhere to go.

If there is too much debris collected on you roof, the water won't be able to fall down into the gutter system, which could eventually mean large water spots, mold, or other issues for your roof. It's always best practice to keep your roof free from debris, since even nominal amounts can have a big impact on the health of your roof. If you would like to schedule a roof or gutter cleaning, give us a call!  

Remove Animal Nests  

Are animal nests bad for your roof? Even if you welcome the furry or feathered friends, they can cause significant damage to your roof. Since many animals lay eggs or start to nest in the Spring, removing the nests before that happens can usually ensure that the animals can find another place to make their home. Unfortunately, however cute they may be, small animals and chew, burrow, dig, and create messes for your roof. Don't forget to periodically check your roof for signs of animal intrusion or nesting.

Check The Attic  

If your home has an attic, make sure to check it for any sunlight spots or mold growth. Often, even if we can't see damage to the roof from the outside, these signs could indicate that there is a problem that you can't see. Fixing those issues before they get any worse could save you from excessive mold growth, falling ceilings, and even flooding.  

If you see any damage to your roof, don't ignore it! The damage could be as simple as fixing a shingle or could be far more extensive than what is visible to the eye. If you cannot check for these things yourself, call a trusted roofer in North-Georgia, like Trotter Roofing and Gutters, to come check things out for you. In general, we recommend making it habit to take inventory of your roof and gutters!  

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