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Roof Protection: What Not to Do

Your roof is a huge investment and if you don't properly take care of it, you could be looking at thousands of dollars in repairs or even a need for replacement. Why spend unnecessary money when you could take steps to maintain your roof to help it last as long as possible? Sometimes it's easy to get into the habit of making D-I-Y projects of things that shouldn't be D-I-Y projects – and roofing is one of those things that should be done by a professional. Here are some things you absolutely should not do on or to your roof to avoid expensive damage. 

1. Don't Pressure Wash 

Have you ever pressure washed your driveway? It's extremely satisfying, and you have a nice, clean slab of concrete at the end of it. You may be tempted to pressure wash your roof, but this is a big mistake! Pressure washers are too powerful and will loosen the granules on shingles. This causes the shingles to become much more brittle and more likely to break if a storm rolls through. There's also a chance that you could loosen shingles and/or blow them off the roof. We recommend researching other ways of cleaning your roof while making sure you aren't breaking the rest of our rules! 

2. Don't Install Satellites or Basketball Hoops

Installing anything on your roof that requires screws, nails, or other more permanent devices, can cause roof leaks. You want to avoid anything that leaves holes or areas for water to seep into your roof. Additionally, basketballs hoops installed on your roofline cause a vibration as it gets hit repeatedly. These vibrations can cause bolts to damage the seal of your roof, which is likely to cause leaks. 

3. Don't Lift Shingles 

Are you wanting to check it out for yourself to see if you have any damaged shingles or leaks? You may find yourself wanting to lift shingles to check for leaks, but this is a serious mistake. Not only are you increasing the chance of a leak, but you could cause more damage and void your roof warranty. 

4. Don't Ignore Debris 

Have you noticed debris piling up in the valleys of your roof? It's time to clear it off! This is something that can cause severe damage as it not only creates a dam on your roof, preventing it from draining properly, but it also creates a place that absorbs the moisture. Either way, you're damaging your roof and increasing the chances that you will have a serious leak in the near future. 

5. Don't Install New Shingles Over Old 

Though some roofers support the idea of installing new shingles over old shingles for money-saving purposes, this can actually cause more harm in the long run. It can cause difficulties with future inspections, prevent proper installation of water and ice barriers, and can also affect your shingle warranty. Though you may save money on the front end, you could end up spending more in the long run. 

Keep your roof well-maintained and ready to protect your family – you won't regret it! If you have any questions or would like to have your roof inspected, click the button below! 

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