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7 Things That Endanger Your Roof

Your roof is a vital part of your home and when roof damages occur, you're likely racing to find a roofer so you can get everything fixed and back to normal as soon as possible. It's impossible to avoid everything that's a danger to your roof, but you can certainly be aware of possible threats so you can decide the best course of action moving forward. To help you stay aware, we've compiled a list of a few things to watch for in attempt to stop preventable roof damage. 

1. Sun/Heat 

The sun has a variety of negative effects on your roof. If you have asphalt shingles, heat can cause them to crack, which could be the reason the top floor of your home is hotter than the rest of your house. Heat is also bad for the structure of your house. Overall, the sun damages, wears down, and ages your roof more than you would think. 

2. Trees 

After reading about the effects of the sun on your roof, you may have already started thinking about planting some trees around your house to help protect your roof in the future. While it would certainly minimize the amount of sun hitting your roof, trees may cause more problems than they solve. If you have trees close enough to shade your roof, they're probably also close enough to fall on your house or drop branches on your home during wind, ice, and thunderstorms. Think twice before you leave that branch dangling over your home. 

3. Roof Debris 

Roof debris can include sticks, leaves, pine needles, and more. While these things don't seem like a big deal, they actually hold moisture which can cause your shingles and roof structure to break down. Ultimately, you want to avoid any excessive or long-lasting moisture on your roof when possible. 

4. Pests 

In case you need another reason to clear your roof of debris…it also creates the perfect home for pests. Not only do you have to worry about birds, squirrels, and raccoons dismantling your roof, but you also have to consider the insects that get under your shingles and fascia boards. These insects, while seemingly harmless, are the food of choice for woodpeckers…we think you know what happens next. 

5. Clogged Gutters 

As you know, gutters are created to move water away from your house. However, when your gutters fill with leaves and other debris, the water is no longer able to move away from the house. This results in water backing up and pooling on your house if it hasn't already found a way inside of your house. This is one of the quickest ways to cause leaks and other damages to your house. Learn more about What Kind of Damage Clogged Gutters Cause.

6. Moss 

Excessive moisture can also cause moss to grow on your roof. Though it may seem harmless, it can be quite detrimental to your roof. The moss grows, pushing under shingles, tiles, and shakes. As it pushes through your roofing material, it causes damage that leads to holes and leaks in your roof. 

7. Storms

Last, but certainly not least, it's important to remember that storms can always cause damage to your roof, and this is something you can't fully prepare for. Whether it be a tropical storm, an ice storm, or just a good ole Georgia thunderstorm, there are always things that you can't plan for or prevent. 

If you find yourself needing roof repair or replacement, Trotter Roofing and Gutters would love to be considered for the project. You can call 404-610-9100 to schedule an appointment! 

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