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Why You Need Energy-Efficient Windows

If you live in Georgia, you know that the summers are humid, and it's entirely possible that it will be 80 degrees on Saturday and snowing on Monday. While we don't experience extremely harsh winters, our temperatures can range greatly, with the average summer day being around 90 degrees and the average winter day being between 34 and 58 degrees. With temperatures varying as they do, we find that energy-efficient windows are great at regulating the temperature in your home and saving you money. Check out 6 reasons you need energy-efficient windows. 

1. Comfort 

There's nothing worse than walking into a stifling house in the middle of summer or a freezing home when you already can't feel your fingers and toes. A huge part of the temperature issue has to do with insulation and your home's ability to maintain a consistent temperature no matter what the weather is outside. With windows being a huge source of temperature issues, energy-efficient windows can help you keep your home the temperature you want and keep you more comfortable year-round. 

2. Cost

Everyone likes to save money where they can. With energy-efficient windows, the temperature is better-controlled inside of the home which minimizes the workload of your HVAC system. If your HVAC system isn't running 24/7, you're likely to see a pretty significant change in your bill. According to Efficient Windows Collaborative, you could save 15-25% on heat during the winter and 10-40% on AC during the summer! 

3. Environmentally Friendly 

If your cost has gone down, that means you haven't had to utilize your HVAC system as much, which means you're also helping the planet. When energy-efficient options are available, we certainly recommend it and this is just another way to score a win for you and a win for the Earth. Bonus tip: you can claim a credit for your energy-efficient improvements!

4. Allows Light 

When faced with expensive bills, some homeowners will invest in heavy-duty blinds or shades, which may help a little bit, but will ultimately darken your home. Energy-efficient windows allow you to regulate the coming and going of heat and air while still allowing all of that beautiful natural light into your home. 

5. Reduces Fading 

You would be shocked how much floors and fabrics fade when consistently exposed to sunlight. With energy-efficient windows, the power of UV rays is significantly limited, which cuts down on a lot of fading. No more rolling back a rug only to see that your wood floors are two totally different colors. 

6. Reduces Condensation 

If you have older windows, you may notice that an excessive amount of condensation collects on the windows when you wake up in the morning. As it drips down, it finds a place that will absorb the excess water, which quickly leads to a mold and mildew issue. With energy-efficient windows, you will notice less condensation which minimizes the risk of mold issues in your home. 

Make the Switch! 

We do more than just roofing and gutters, we also offer home improvement services – including energy-efficient replacement windows! If you're ready to make the switch, you can contact us or call us at 404-610-9100

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